Crossfit Relentless, founded in 2009 by Merle McKenzie & Glenn Perra, is a school of human movement dedicated to helping individuals achieve an elite level of physical performance. We are a principal strength and conditioning program utilizing olympic and power lifts, gymnastics, and calesthenics in constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

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Iron Mike

This is probably one of the most powerful testamonials we’ve ever put up. A little scary too. We’re glad you found us Iron Mike. I can’t imagine the 6am class at CFR without you.


“Six months in and loving it…to say CrossFit has changed my life would not be an exaggeration. First, let me apologize for the long post but I wanted to share with this great group of athletes and friends a story. And this is not a story I share often…but to understand the change in my life since joining CFR you need to have a little background!

On June 30, 2007 at 1:30PM on a sunny Saturday afternoon, in San Francisco, two young men were having a disagreement on the street. One decided that the best way to solve the dispute was to pull out a gun and fire off a nice big .45 caliber bullet! He was not only stupid but a bad shot. He missed his target and that bullet went through my windshield, as I was driving to the carwash, and into my skull.

Shattered skull and lots of blood ensued. As you can imagine in an instant my life changed forever.

The good news is I have a thick head (yes there really is such a thing other than just being stubborn and I am that too!). The bullet shattered my sinus cavity, cracked my skull and lodged between my brain and skull.

This resulted in frontal lobe damage (traumatic brain injury – TBI).  I won’t bore you with the years of recover but will tell you that a lot of drugs were needed to help me recover and anxiety plays a role in my life everyday – nothing to worry about but a lot to manage.

It took one year to ease off the medication and that was two years ago. One of the lasting side effects of all that medication has been the complete shutdown of my metabolism. No doctor, nutritionist or trainer could tell my why but smelling air would add pounds. I ran an ultra-marathon and lost 3lbs through the entire experience. I tried everything and nothing seemed to “kick start” my metabolism. The other “gift” was an increased level of anxiety –uncontrollable by rational thought. If you have ever had the dream that you are late for something or missing a test then you know this feeling…just imagine having that at any given random time throughout the day.  My strategy is no drugs and but physical activity is essential to keeping it all under control.

Speaking of anxiety…picture your 1st time walking into a CrossFit box and reading the WOD on the board How could this be good for a guy like me!?!

What Merle and Glenn have created is AMAZING – a totally supportive community that completes crazy workouts everyday and loves it. I have never worked so hard and enjoyed it so much in all the years of working out and running.  I am accepted for who I am and my ability and driven by my own will and support of the group to do more and improve.

In my first six months of CrossFit I have gotten stronger, had less anxiety and lost 21lbs and 2 inches in my waste. My metabolism didn’t stand a chance against Eva, Murph and all their friends…my engine is now running.

The gang at CFR gave me a knick name…Iron Mike…they didn’t even realize how right they are…a couple of bullet fragments, titanium mesh that makes up my sinus cavity and a nice round titanium plates to fill in the hole in my skull are what I carry around every day – and now an iron will to keep improving.

Thanks Merle, Glen and all the coaches – and big thanks to my fellow CrossFitter’s – you are all part of my recovery five years in the making.

PS. TBI is a condition many of our Soldiers are coming home with from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was lucky enough to have access to expert in the field and a huge support system to manage the illness. These guys/gals need our support.  You can help them and gain more information at

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